How to assign new IP to another device on separate interface

Hi Folks,

I’m using zero tier for a bunch of LTE connected devices that have multiple interfaces. The devices run ubuntu and I’m running the latest version of zerotier-one client on them and everything is working fine. The devices also have a network IP camera attached to them via the eth0 and I would like to be able to access the various ports and webdashboard of the ip camera through zero tier which is sitting on my wwan0. To clarify, Here is the topology:
[IP Cam]<-----eth0----->[Host Device]<-----wwan0-----> LTE Connectivity

The host device is running ubuntu+zeroTier, has eth0( connected to IPCam (, while the zerotier is allowing me to connect to the HostDevice over the LTE/wwan0. However I would like to be able to access the IP Cam over zero tier (which is on a different interface).

Any help would be appreciated.


Is bridging an option? I’m not too familiar with the different aspects of bridging or even how to do it in Ubuntu. The knowledge base has some interesting articles though.

I’m going to try in the future bridging my router with openwrt.

You’ll either have to set up bridging or routing in order to be able to access devices you can’t install ZeroTier on.

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