How to change the communication port between zerotier from udp9993 to udp1194?


  1. operators have made speed limit on UDP protocol, even the same operator

  2. the WAN port of zerotier is configured with public IP

  3. the actual test can only be about 10Mbps

  4. I tested with OpenVPN and found that the operator did not limit udp1194

  5. so, I want to change the data communication port between zerotier from up9993 to udp1194. How can I modify it?

  6. I found a lot of data and found no way to use TCP protocol, so I can only choose to modify UDP port.

you can create a configuration file. See ZeroTierOne/service at master · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub

You may want to set the secondaryPort to 1194, not primaryPort. Currently, changing primaryPort can break some of the UI clients.


ZeroTier uses only UDP for traffic.

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