How to Change ZeroTier network metric on Mac

To be clear, I have very little knowledge of how all this works, but I am trying to use ZeroTier to play a game with my brother who is in another state. We have been following this tutorial (linked below), but I am confused at 4:30. How do I do these steps on a Mac?

What version of Rocket League are you running on each computer?

Rocket League for Mac is discontinued and will not connect to recent builds of Rocket League for Windows. Just use Windows unless you enjoy the quirks of retro-computing.

Past that, instead of changing the interface metric like you would on a Windows or Linux computer, you probably want to change the Service Order or Interface Priority on a Mac.

Rocket League is not actually the game we are trying to play. We were simply trying to use this same solution for another game. We want to play Red Alert 2 together. Thanks for the info. I will look into that.