How to check P2P connection between two devices?

Hi, I am using zerotier to control the device. The packets are encapsulated according to the UDP protocol. I observed that packets are lost quite a lot and increase over time. Can I check this link is P2P or through root server? The latency I measured is about 500ms, using the Ping command. Thank you for your comments.

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Hi, my master model includes 2 devices A and B.
+, At device A I use 1 lte 4g wifi dongle. I don’t see “Client Isolation” and “UPnP” settings.
+, At device B I use a wifi router. I have checked the configuration of this router with the following parameters:
., Firewall network: enable port 9993 - UDP, TCP - ZeroTier
., Advanced wireless network : disable “Activate customer isolation”
., Forwarding router: UPnP enable for Zerotier
Two devices A and B can still communicate with each other, but the link quality is low. Is there any way to fix this problem? Thank you.
The link I referenced earlier: High ping to any peer

Update result of command
Hi, I have a few questions about the results obtained (the shaded part in the picture is the device B in my model mentioned). In my opinion
“Link” = Relay: data stream is forwarded over “ZT root servers”.
“Link” = Direct: P2P connection between two devices.
Is that view correct? I’m not very network savvy. Please ignore if there are any errors in the question. Thank you for your help.

That is correct.
What is the ping latency when you ping the physical address of “A”?

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Hi, I pinged device A’s IP address (this is the one provided by ZeroTier). I also measure the Internet quality right now. The result is as shown below. From device B, I observed a lot of loss of UDP packets, so the link quality is only around 2% - 6%. In my opinion, although the link between A and B is P2P, but since the transmission channel is the internet, the UDP packet has to go through many BTSs. Therefore, this could be the cause of the number of lost packets. Do you have any opinion? Usually what is the required internet quality? (My application involves real time). Thank you very much.
(Internet: Upload: 22.5Mbps, Download: 9.7Mbps, ping 6ms.)

Is it some kind of Wireless/LTE connection? Is the other node on another continent?
That’s a long ping time.

Yes, it’s a wireless connection between two devices. I use separate wifi for each device. And these two devices are in the same research room. Is there any way to reduce the delay? Thank you.

Is there any way to reduce the delay?

I hope so!
You might have to ask your ISPs and hardware vendors. They will be the only ones able to know what is happening on your physical network.

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Hi, I don’t know if ZeroTier has constraints on terminals or network bandwidth to establish P2P connection? Thanks.

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