How to connect a device use a static ip to zero tier

Hi all

How can I connect a dvr has a static ip to zero tier

I’m guessing that you can’t install software the DVR in question. You can use ZeroTier as a bridge or router into the network. There are guides for both bridging and routing in our wiki.

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I think the best choice is to use a router but almost routers in our markets is tp link so how can I install a zero tier in tp link

You can configure any linux machine to be a router. There are wiki articles in the link above on how to do just that

What about win 7 can be as router ?

I’m not sure if Windows can or not.

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Can I get your what app or Skype

No. We don’t offer support like that.

Thank you . I will try with lunix then tell you soon

Sir do you have a video to install and configure lunix as a router

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