How to deal with mass enrolling clients


I’ve been using Zerotier for a short while now and I have the feeling I grasp the basics of it. So far everything is working perfectly fine.

My question is:

If I would be enrolling a bunch of clients at the same time, what is the best way to approach this? I have a number of different machines and I prepared a centralized distribution and the client installs just fine. I can script the join part as well, but what about something like naming the clients automatically in the ZeroTier central environment?

The Description part isn’t necessary, but I would at least like to auto-add the hostname to the client name when viewing them in the portal. Is that an option and if yes, how do I go about this? Reason I want this is because now I can only automate one installation at a time and have to fill in the client machine’s name each time before proceeding to the next one.

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thanks for asking. There isn’t anything built in that does this.

You can update the name with the API. I’m not sure how/where to get the name to somewhere that can use the API.

Maybe someone who does this can chime in. What software distributer thingy are you using?

Hi zt-Travis,

I did figure out how to use the API and I can now automatically deploy the ZT client. It will register and authorize itself in the correct network with the computer name as “Name”. Unfortunately I can’t use the Description field to input the username (because our deployment mechanism, Datto RMM, runs under the local system account and will therefore not know the username of the actual user; which makes sense for shared computers).

Thanks for your update though, the API was a good heads up to look at.


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