How to delete nodes.?

I am trying to delete nodes but i cant find anything to do that.can anyone help me?

Assuming you’re using the Web UI, you can click the small trashcan icon to the right of the screen for that node.

Thank you for the reply!
I still dont still cant find any thrash it possible to share a picture?

Looks like that might be a little glitch in our UI on mobile. If you go to that same page in a browser on a wider screen (like a desktop) you should see it.

I’ll show this to the team so we can try to fix it.

Thanks for the response! Same thing occurs to my web browser ,tested on Google Chrome and edge.
Please check this , thanks in advance!

This is from Google Chrome

Public networks don’t have a delete button. The node would just reappear!
The good news is offline nodes will be purged after a couple days.

Will add more notes about this to the member help section.

Do you know how many days are these?
I just want to delete inactive members.
I have offline members more than 20 days!

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