How to get access from windows to enigma2 openwebif enigma2

Hi I trying go get access from PC to openwebif from outside the local network. I have connecting between PC and enigma2 but I hove no idea how to get on. Can anyone tell me how to do. thank you in advance

hi, I guess there are always 2 possibilities to access any device:
a) Install ZeroTier on the satellite receiver (not sure if links are allowed here, but see Using ZeroTier VPN with Enigma 2 receivers - - Enigma2 stuff ). Then you can directly access the receiver via it’s ZeroTier IP.
b) if its supported: Install ZeroTier on your router. and add a route to your home network on the ZT admin website. Then you can access the receiver (and eveything else in your home)


oh. or option c) install Zerotier on some other device that supports it (eg. some RaspberryPi, a Synology device, …) . Would be a bit like option b). The only additional thing on your home router would be to add a static route to route the traffic to your ZT network range to this Raspberry/Synology/. device.

Hi,. thank you for replay I have connected to the box but I have no idea how to get access

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