How to make Zerotier an Entry Node ( Reverse Exit Node)

We need to access a remote Linux zerotier machine, from our office room without installing zerotier on BYOD’s.
The zerotier setup may be exactly reverse concept of managed route (Exit node).

BYOD : Windows Laptops Without Zerotier Installed.

Without installing Zerotier on BYOD’s, they have to access Remote zerotier Linux machine.
We don’t want to allow Remote machine to be accessible from outside of our office Room. So we can not install zerotier on BYOD’s.
I am able to ping between router Control Panel) and from both sides.
I am Unable to Ping from BYOD’s.

Please suggest the configuration procedure/Steps, including any firewall/iptables setup.

Thanking you.

You need a managed route: via

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