How to troubleshoot packet loss / network drops

Good afternoon all,
Calling from an MSP here, we’re trialing zerotier for some backup site to site connectivity for admin and the likes and have been struggling with super unreliable connectivity. Previously when we where just using it to RDP into a single machine, It was rock solid. Now, we are running it on opnsense to allow us to route traffic across it and we’re seeing major reliability issues, like 70%+ packet loss.

I think it might be to do with zerotier having to traverse a NAT, potentially a double NAT in some of our mobile sites. Does anyone know how to test these things? so we can work out what the cause of our issue is.

Our current topology consists of a mesh layout of opnsense routers, each joined to the same zerotier network with routes between all nodes. Most nodes have to pass through some form of NAT.

Hello. is the best guide right now.
You could also get some NAT info

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