How to use printer with zerotier

Hello guys.
i have LAN A with PC1 (windows 10) and a network printer ( internal IP). They are both behind a router ( )

I Have LAN B in another town with PC2 (windows 10).

I want from PC2 to access the network printer,see it’s toner status etc.

i made a zerotier account. I can see the two PCs which can ping each other with success.
How can i put the printer in all this?
please give me details because i am a total newbie on networking

thank you in advance

i am trying one month to find a solution i beg you to help me guys

The only way to access a device that can not run ZT is to create either a router or bridge between the ZT network and your LANA. Guides are in the KB.

In ZeroTier Central, create a route to your local lan ( via the client ZeroTier IP.

The best solution to do this without depend on your Windows 10 machine is to install ZeroTier on a router compatible with. That way you can reach any device behind your router.

Ok and after this how will i access the printers web interface?

Reading the linked KB article, it seems to me that you should be able to enter your printer’s physical IP address in the address bar of your web browser?

Also, in order to simply print from PC2, I would think you can connect to the printer from PC1, and then share it. You should then be able to connect to the shared printer on PC1 from PC2. Much the same way that you can set up a file share on PC1 that you can access from PC2.

Here’s a youtube video about sharing printers from Windows 10.

And you can also remote control PC1 from PC2 by means of Teamviewer or VNC or similar, and then connect to the printer from PC1.

Simply by typing the physical printer address on the install procedure or by finding the printer on network.

On Windows printer wizard you can just type \\

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