How to use Zerotier for remote access to do Out-of-Band Management on my home router while home internet is down using a Raspberry Pi and mobile hotspot?

Hello helpful souls,

I was hoping to find an easy way to use Zerotier to log into my home router from outside the house remotely , via Out-of-Band Management style , using a Raspberry Pi and mobile hotspot at home.

This is to be used as a backup option to log in remotely from outside to home LAN while the home internet is down (due to router problems etc)

I have done some research and so far this is the best I can find.

Bridge your ZeroTier and local network with a RaspberryPi

It seems pretty complicated.

I was hoping for something that is easier , like what has below:

Out-of-Band Management with a Raspberry Pi and mobile hotspot
Jul 13, 2020

Can anybody point me in the right direction with regard to Zerotier?

Thanks a million.

Did you create managed routes in ZT Central?

Is your home router allowing input access from Zerotier subnet?

Bridging is tricky. should work.

Or ssh into the pi via zerotier, then ssh to home network stuff from the pi.

Thanks for the reply.

Does your method involve looking at this tutorial below?

Not sure about my home router. It’s a NetComm NF18mesh modem router.

I am using its default driver.

What do you mean by “allowing input access from Zerotier subnet?”

Please advise.

Thanks a million.

Yes, you should follow this tutorial and be sure to set the correct routes on Zerotier Central.

Don’t mind about “input” in your router, it’s a firewall rule, but if your raspberry is plugged in your router it’s ok.

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