How to use ZeroTier on a computer without direct connection to Internet?

Hi pals! .o/"

I have these computers with these connections:

  • “A” on the subnet
  • “B” on the subnet

“A” have Internet connection; but “B” have not.
“A” are already joint to a ZeroTier’s network; “B” have the ZeroTier’s package, but he can’t joint to the network.

I know that I can’t use a proxy:

But, using a VPN for some reason won’t work either. Both, the proxy (Squid HTTP Proxy) and the VPN (OpenVPN) are on the subnet, and are the same that it’s use on clients and servers on the subnet to provide them Internet access. I could change the configuration on these servers, but I prefer to not, considering that they are working fine and nothing more are give me problem, just ZeroTier.

“A” and “B” can communicate freely between them, because both are part of the same network (a big one with more subnets and VLANs). ZeroTier use peer-to-peer connections, right? So, I could use “A” has a bridge for “B” so he could join to the ZeroTier network too? If the answer is “yes”, how can I achieve that?

I’m using Debian 11 :grin:

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