HTTP Traffic Through Zerotier

Hi all, I have a question regarding accessing HTTP over ZT.

So we have a web application in the local network, that is firewalled and is not accessible from the net. The web app is HTTP only, not HTTPS.
So the web app needs to print to a printer on a remote pc (linux, CUPS server). Previously I have connected the remote pc to our network through L2TP IPSEC, but that is having connectivity issues now. I’m thinking of connecting the pc directly to the server using ZT.

I do think this can be done, but my question is whether this is a safe setup because the web app is only HTTP? ZT is said to be p2p, so does that mean that no data goes through ZT’s servers? I’m just concerned because both the web app and the CUPS server are both HTTP.

Any insights are welcome, thanks.

All network traffic over ZeroTier is end to end encrypted. Only the receiver can decrypt the packet. Even if the packets did flow through ZeroTier servers (which it’s not assuming correct configuration), ZeroTier could not read the contents of your packets.

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