Hyper-v memory problem

On a Windows server 2012 with Hiper-v, I have mounted another with server 2016, I have installed the zerotier, but at the moment the use of ram collapses. In the same zerotier network there are other computers and without problems, only in the hyper–v server. I have tried several versions but with all of them it happens. Any idea ?? Thanks.

The ZeroTIer communication process zerotier-one_x64.exe is very lean and shouldn’t take more than 10-20 meg of memory as in “private bytes” in the screen dumps down below. You can check yourself what is eating up memory in your hyper-v partition using Windows Resource Monitor (perfmon.exe /res) or Process Explorer from Sysinternals.

Proccess Explorer

Windows Resource Monitor

Hello, in a windows server 2012 R2 with a virtual machine Windows Server 2016 in Hyper-V this is the problem, when all version of zerotier than i try.


In a physical machine without problems, but i don´t undertand.

Well, I have to admit that is a bit much :smile:

I’m running a whole bunch of Hyper-v guests, both at home and at work, using Windows and Linux, but I’ve never seen a problem like this. What version of ZeroTier do you have installed?

Run the Powershell script below to monitor the memory usage of “zerotier-one_x64” after the service is restarted. You may interupt the script anytime you like with CTL-C.

Write-Host  -NoNewline "Restarting service 'zeroTierOneService'..."
Restart-Service "zeroTierOneService"
Write-Host "OK"

$lastmem = 0

Write-host "Starting memory monitor"
Write-host "`nTimestamp  Private (MB)"

while ($true) {
    $proc = Get-Process -ProcessName "zerotier-one_x64" 
    $mem = "{0,5:F1}" -f [math]::Round($proc.PrivateMemorySize/1000000,1)
    $time = Get-Date -Format "HH:mm:ss"

    if ($mem -ne $lastmem) {
        Write-Host "$time $mem"
        $lastmem = $mem

    sleep (1) 

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