I am new to this but want to put Zerotier on my router

i am new to this but want to put Zerotier on my router am i able to do this and not on my PC?? my router has zerotier slave and master protocol on it? if so how easy is it please? at the moment i am running openVPN but is crippling my download speeds… just a thought do i just use the network ID and name?? Mmm i tried that and it appears to be working but i do see how to change location for a vpn?

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I can’t speak to that specific product and how it works, but putting ZeroTier on a router is certainly supported. In fact, if you’re trying to use ZeroTier to route between subnets, that’s how I recommend doing it. Rather than use something like Windows or Ubuntu, you can easily use either a physical router like you’re using, or one of the many great and free Linux/BSD based Network OS images (VyOS, OpenWRT, OPNsense, etc…). When you deploy ZeroTier like this, all of the additional knobs that you need to tune for routing are already done for you.

When you install it on a router, and point clients to it, it creates an easy remote access VPN solution to allow users secure access to resources or the internet…or at least as secure as you make it.

If you put it on 2 routers at different locations, you can create an easy site-to-site VPN to route internal traffic between sites…

What use case are you trying to achieve?

I am just trying to use it as a vpn and change my location-- but i cannot see how i change my location say from in spain to uk.

ZeroTier is not one-to-one replacement for provider-based VPN service.

Sorry i don’t understand what it is then as i said i have no idea with these thing`s…sorry my assumption way incorrect…