I can not ping or access remote Zerotier nodes

Hello. I have been using Zerotier for about a year now and haven’t had any issues. I have setup another remote site now which is running behind a 4g router with a edgerouter.
I have no issues accessing the machines with remote software.
Zerotier is stup on all machines. and each machine is showing online in the zerotier control panel and given IP;s. I can remote into each machine and verify the IP is there under windows with ipconfig and that all apearss to be running.
however I can not access that machine via the IP. I try and ping it and it just times out.
I try and ping from that machine to another machine on the zerotier network and get a general failure. however it can ping any other address. ie
I am not sure what is wrong. I have removed and re installed the node twice, no luck.
Any pointers would be appreciated.


I’m experiencing the same issue but only to nodes on earlier versions and it seems to be happening in a weird step-like fashion. For example, a server that connects to several devices is on zerotier v1.8.4 and can ping/connect to any device on the network on zerotier v1.8.4 to 1.8.9 but recently have been able to ping fewer and fewer devices running zerotier v1.6.2 (as to why are they so old? it hasn’t been a priority yet, but this might raise that priority - they’re pretty locked-down, not concerned about the potential security issue raised last year by zerotier, its been assessed and its not a concern). Today I’m unable to ping any device on 1.6.2. This is a problem for me because I have devices scattered across the country. Is anyone else seeing this and is this a known issue?

Good news - I was however able to connect to 1.6.2 nodes via another client on 1.6.2 and thereby update our field units, so be forewarned you may wish to keep an old version around on your local network so you can connect out to other old systems and upgrade them to get back to being able to seamlessly connect.

Hi. I had 1.6.2 running on a desktop on same network. and I can ping it and it can ping a remote host
however the Dell R7610 is running 1.8.9 and can ping out to remote hosts, and ping the other unit inside the same lan, however it can’t be reached either from a remote host or the desktop on the same lan. seems traffic is ok going from the offending unit, but not receiving from any other zerotier unit. All the firewalls are off. I dont know why this issue is happening. seems like a firewall issue but it is off.
The machine is running Hyper-V I am wondering now weather that might be affecting the zerotier node receiving data. however it is running outside of hyper-v
I am confused

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