I cannot log in to the ip assigned by ZT

I am not sure if this issue is a zt or windows issue.
When I enter the ip address assigned by zt and installed on the router, all I get is a timed out message and no connection to the router.
In ZT the router shows that it is online.
I am running basic windows security. I use pcmatic and a vpn.
I have tried turning both off but still get the time out error.
I tried incognito, same thing.
I am using windows 10pro on an hp laptop and chrome browser.

What exactly did you configure on the router so that it responds to such requests?

I use win scp to log in and add my zt account # in the zerotier file.
I am no expert and this is how I was shown to add zt.
I used to could log in and now I can’t.
This particular unit is a wg3526. I also can no longer get into some plex units running cudy.
For the cudy, set up is eash, go to vpn settings and choose zt and enter your account #.

login zt 2

Joining the network is not enough to serve http requests from outside
If your router is running official OpenWrt I suggest you ask in their forum, otherwise ask your router manufacturer.
I see no ZT related issue yet.

Thanks. But it used to work. I really think it is a windows issue trying to protect me. It probably came in with one of their wonderful updates that seem to come in weather wanted or not.
Yes, running openwrt.
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See in my opinion this could be a window issue.