I can't ping to other nodes but all zerotier-cli commands return alright

I am working on upgrading the old version (1.4.6) zerotier in Padavan firmware, the Padavan’s kernel version that I am using is 3.4

The old version 1.4.6 is working fine with current Padavan, I have copied 1.8.4 source code and also some patches of Makefile from Padavan kernel 4.4 project (padavan-4.4/trunk/user/zerotier at main · MeIsReallyBa/padavan-4.4 · GitHub), compiling new version and merge into the firmware is successful and I flashed the firmware into my router (newifi3 D2).

After start the zerotier service in Padavan, join the my private network, everything looks OK, I login SSH of the router and run “zerotier-cli info”, the console show " xxx 200 xxx ONLINE", run “listpeers” and “listnetwork”, all came back proper message said that I am connected, “ifconfig” also gives me the proper virtual network adapter with assigned IP, then I try to ping other nodes in my private network, all pings are failed.

I thought that it maybe caused by network setting so I checked firewall setting even shutdown firewall, and check on routing tables, seems nothing abnormal, I don’t know what’s the next I can do, can anyone help on this situation? thanks.

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