I don't know what's up with ZT and my Windows OS

I have a lot of problems with zerotier or with windows and ZT.
The installation.msi under windows 8.1 pro is chaotic or I don’t know if it is finished, the installation window disappears and nothing tells me installation done successfully.
No zerotier network shows up afterwards in my network control panel. I do all this again by turning off the windows firewall and nothing, no improvement or what is expected.
Bored of this I go to my other SO W7 32bits I have installed ZT 1.6.6 according to the recommendations.
This installation seems clearer, everything ends well and the network is visible in my windows network control panel.
It looks but says you don’t have internet access, or there is no internet.
All this about installing ZT is to skip the CG-NAT that my 4G company gives me, since that is how I connect at home, sharing mobile data from my smartphone and connecting to the mobile network/wifi through a realteck. (This is under CG-NAT of course)
With which I don’t know what else I have to do, everything seems so simple in the videos that when in my case it doesn’t work I ask myself a thousand questions if everyone else is doing everything, install, connect etc, without being in CG_NAT, or with that equipment, legal or not illegal in terms of OS, not pirated, purchased and paid license etc…
In short, something as simple as, create a ZT account, create a network, install ZT on the device you want to connect to ZT, join it, enjoy, in my case it’s impossible. I guess there will be no one at this point in the century who wants to waste time with this problem but anyway, I’ll leave it here. Nothing works as expected, and if your help is objective it will be well received, if your help is try this or this or forget about me, I seek help not utopias.

I try to upload an image

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