I forgot my Email address of my zerotier account?

Pease i need help
6 months ago i created network on zerotier with new email specific for zerotier . today i wanted to manage some clients IPs but i cannot remember what was my address account .

for zerotier support i can tell : the ID of the network ,the IP addresses , how many device are there, all these information i can provide to them to help me . i am in trouble plz support team tell me what to do …

Search your email for “zerotier”

It might be the same address that is used for your account on this forum.

thanks for replay
no it is not . it is different email address . i can remember the password but not the email address itself.
I am afraid if it is stolen .

As i told you i know my zerotier network ID .
this morning i installed zerotier client in one machine when i joined the network .
in the client ,it shows me strange network name : agitated_draper
where my network name is different am sure %100
We are planning to move from Basic to Professional .
the problem now i cannot access zerotier controller it is stolen . i need heeeeeeelp

Hi, sorry you’re stuck. We can’t give out user information unfortunately.
The workaround/solution is to create a new account and network, join that network, leave the old network.

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