If zerotier right for my usecase?

Hello! I’m trying to setup perforce to use with my colleague on unrealengine, to be able to work simultaneously on our project.

We set up a server on his computer, but i couldn’t connect via internet (connection refused every time). Disabled firewall, antivirus, everything, to no avail.
Then we tried a classic windows VPN, and it worked like a charm. We don’t want VPN because that would mean all my internet connection is routed through him, which puts stress on his connection and on his processing.

Does Zerotier work differently (i tried reading the whitepaper, but got lost in it)? Essentially what we need is something that legitimizes my pc on his perforce server so that we can run it and have all the perks like version control etc.
Or is ZT like a VPN service, which puts my machine as a whole in his network?

Thank you so much for any help/clarification!

That sounds like it should work.
All of the machines need zerotier installed. You should connect to perforce by it’s zerotier managed IP address.

https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/8454145/Getting+Started+with+ZeroTier might help

Thank you very much! I managed to get it working in the meantime w/o ZT, there was a faulty setting and it’s fixed now. But good to know. Thanks!

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