I'm getting ~500ms ping. How can i diagnose the problem?

So recently got some new hardware in my complex. Ever since that my ZeroTier connections have plummeted.

I would like some tips on how to narrow down the problem. Like error logs. Anything!

I believe you may gain piles of milage by using traceroute, just make sure you are using it to remote addresses over a non Zerotier link to gain an idea of your local network environment:

to the trained eye perhaps. All i see is time and ip addresses, sometimes domains. What am i looking for?

The first number represents the hop, so hop 4 would be the 4th device your traffic is passing through.
The times are the measured times in ms for ping between that device and you.
Each device is identified by its name or IP, including devices outside of your network between you and the destination.
When you see a large jump in the ms time, you have found the hop (the device) at which your problem exists; I would suggest pinging this device to check if packets are being lost.
It can take a fair while for the table to populate, so be prepared to leave it for a while doing its thing.

If you find the times are all good for each hop, then you can eliminate latency as being the problem. Next up would be to check if you have noisy cabling, with lots of packet loss. You can use the ping command in that case, and check to see if you are losing packets.

What’s the output of zerotier-cli peers? If you’re seeing lots of RELAYED in the list, it means that peers are unable to connect directly to each other. Your new hardware may be blocking direct peer to peer connections and forcing connections to bounce through root servers.

Hi, i got in touch with the guy who installed the new equipment and he couldn’t really say what the problem was other than some restriction somewhere in the system which he’d investigate. Meanwhile h hooked me up the the old wires and everything was back to normal ever since. Will open a new thread should the problem return.

Tho, if the new hardware found to be blocking p2p connections somehow, is there really anything i can do about it?
I don’t think the ISP, nor the landlord will be super thrilled having a resident fiddle with their hardware. So anything outside the first hop is out of my control.

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