Im stuck using tags

Hi forum.

Im stuck with some tag-rules.
Servers should be able to initialize connection with other servers and non-servers (aka. everyone).
Non-servers should not be able to initialize connection to anyone at all.

Simplified version:

tag server
id 1000
enum 10 No
enum 20 Yes
default No

chr tcp_syn
and not chr tcp_ack
and not ipsrc

The above is working, since my test-server is located at, but I need it to work with the tag ‘server’, and not specific IP.

I have tried with an accept-rule in between, accepting the tag ‘server’ playing around with tdiff but nothing seems to do it for me.

Any ideas?

In the drop rule you should refer to something like and treq server 10 or and not treq server 20

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Thanks! That was not descried in the control panel :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mentioned here:

I was only looking in the section ‘Flow Rules Help’ under the Flow Rules :disappointed:

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