Imap, mysql and modbus behind nat

Hey all.
I am getting a new internet feed and no public facing interface/IP. Not office to office but random traffic from random places. In other words I need to open a couple of ports to the world

I have been looking around for a solution as I need to get both web traffic and raw tcp data into my home server. I initialy was using autossh to create reverse tunnels from a server in my DMZ to a linnode VPS and that works. But autossh isnt reliable at all times. It may work for a week then just seems to die. I guess I am looking for a simalr solution.

I am at a loss in what to google as I have tried lots of search items etc but one thing that keeps popping up is Zerotier.

So will Zero enable me to open a port to the world? I am tired of signing up for another product to try and find its not what I want.

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