Implementation into existing routers

Good afternoon. I came across ZeroTier while researching a way to connect an existing network (“network B”) in the US to my family’s home network in the UK, ideally so network B is on the same subnet as the UK network. “Network A” in the US would just be my standard internet connection for all other devices. Basically, Network A would be my usual everyday network and Network B would be my “UK in the US” network used for streaming and helping them troubleshoot issues on their side.

I currently have two TP-Link ER605s running this connection via IPSEC, however I am unable to use the same subnet without conflicts.

I am researching implementing raspberry pi’s on either end to accomplish this with ZeroTier rather than buying all new routers where I can install packages, however, I’m a little confused about how the raspberry pi’s would act as routers on either end so my chosen devices in the US can be on the UK network back home. WiFi isn’t necessary as the devices would all connect via Ethernet.

Has anybody successfully implemented a similar configuration, and if so, what tips or guides could you point me to?

Thanks so much!

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