Improve the user experience when creating networks, it just needs to be as friendly as hamachi

The service works perfect ( ZeroTier ),… 1 Ideas with constructive intention

  1. UX : It just needs to be as friendly as hamachi. The user experience in “” is lacking, as far as UX is concerned.

What is that screenshot? It is not one of ZeroTier’s websites.

It is not ZeroTier,… the message is generated in the “Feature Requests” zone,… the recommendation is that although ZeroTier works perfectly, it can be improved in the UX.

I am migrating from the competition to zerotier, (the competition has several problems, one of them is that it is not compatible with mac M1) soon I will acquire zerotier node packages,… after having tested ZeroTier for a couple of weeks,… I can say that it works perfect, it is stable, it is compatible with MACs,… but you can improve your web application, you can improve the UX of your web console site.

I attach screenshots of another service that DOES NOT WORK AS WELL as ZeroTier,… but its web interface is clearly superior,… in my opinion the only disadvantage of ZeroTier is the ease of :

  1. Define the type of networks to create (mesh, hubs or gateway ). Define graphically !! *
    image of the start

  2. Generate custom installers (when installing the client automatically joins certain networks).

apart from this, ZeroTier works perfect !