Incorrect Classifying of Bogon addresses?


I’m watching the traffic through a pfsense device, and I’m looking at traffic getting blocked. Whilst usually I will see the zerotier devices sending from their local LAN IP out to the public IP of the receiver, I have one curious case where the local LAN IP of the device, is trying to communicate with a Bogon IP which of course it cannot as Bogon IP is not routable over the internet.

Given that usually ZT is sending UDP traffic to the public IP, is this a case where ZT is incorrectly classifying a Bogon IP as a publicly routable IP? Surely it shouldn’t be trying to transmit over the wire to that IP? (

It talks to peers over the lan too.

Thanks Travis, I understand however that is not my LAN.

The network there is someone else’s LAN across the internet, so there is no route from to and so the communication it is attempting is not possible.

sorry about that.

what OS and version of zerotier are,, and
I’m not seeing similar on my router.

All 3 are macOS 12.0.1

---------------------- LAN A --------------------------- is v1.8.4 (Intel Mac)

---------------------- Internet -------------------------

----------------------- LAN B ------------------------- is v1.8.1 (M1 Mac) is v1.8.4 (M1 Mac)

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