Initiate connections from LAN to an external ZeroTier client

I’ve been searching everywhere for a guide on how to initiate connections from any LAN device through a ZeroTier client to the ZeroTier network and then to a remote ZeroTier client.

These kind of connections are listed as a disadvantage of this setup guide. Is there a guide to address this disadvantage?

I have a remote device (ZeroTier Client) hosting a webpage on port 8123 and I want to be able to access it from any device on my physical LAN network without running ZeroTier on all of them.

Any insight would be appreciated!

A few options

  • You may be able to add a static route on you LAN’s gateway. Not all consumer router’s have an interface for this.
  • Run ZeroTier on your LAN’s router. Requires a fancy router firmware like openwrt, edgerouter, etc…
  • Use L2 bridging instead of routing. Can be tricky to set up.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve added a static route to my LAN’s gateway to point all ZeroTier addresses to the ip address of my VM running ZeroTier. A traceroute shows connection all the way through to the remote client, but ssh and the webpage don’t work. I’m not sure if the vm is refusing to pass it along?

I haven’t tried installing ZeroTier on my router, it is an edgerouter so I’ll look into that! There’s a guide here, it looks promising?

If I setup L2 bridging through that article, will it join the two networks so that any Lan client can reach a ZeroTier client? It doesn’t specifically mention that direction - but I can spinup another debian vm and give it a try.


That worked! I’m even running the Debian VM on a separate VLAN from my network. This way I can easily firewall the ZeroTier network from my own.

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