Install Failure of Java & Android

Anyone here can give us some support?
Can we get a jar for Java & Android?
Thanks !

Failure picture

Sorry but no. There is a github issue describing why this will not happen: On Android Support · Issue #119 · zerotier/libzt · GitHub

If the community wishes to continually patch and play keep-up with Android/Gradle/Android Studio’s undocumented breaking changes we’d be more than happy to support that but as it is it simply isn’t worth our time to keep this updated.

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Thank you!
I will test it 。


For java, the message is wrong class file version. My version is 61.0. But the right one should be 52.0

How can i get the Right 52 clss file?

You should be building the class files yourself from the java files. And therefore any version mismatch is a problem with your build environment. What that is, I honestly have no clue. Sorry.

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