Install via Chocolatey not working since 1.14.0

since version 1.14.0 installation and Upgrade via Chocolatey does not work anymore.

This might be the downstream bug report, but this package on my computer is still broken:

If you uninstall the ZeroTier package using choco or chocolateygui, then the ZeroTier configuration will be preserved such that you can just reinstall using the latest upstream package.

Uninstall and reinstall does not solve the Problem with the chocolatey-package.

From the Github Bugreport the issue was fixed by providing an installer without spaces:
“The official ZeroTier One source now include an installer with no spaces in the name: ZeroTierOne.msi
ZeroTier-One Chocolatey package fails · Issue #240 · mkevenaar/chocolatey-packages · GitHub

But this means that also the chocolatey-package needs to be updated to download and use this installer-name.

If you don’t want to install ZeroTier locally, then file another bug with the downstream package maintainer or use a different package management tool.

This Chocolatey maintainer has more than 100 automatic packages in the main repository and is unlikely to be dogfooding ZeroTier. It would be appreciated if somebody that uses ZeroTier corporately would triage or adopt the package, or perhaps the upstream team could claim ownership.

I use Chocolatey on my personal computers, but not usually for business because the Chocolatey solution is generally unreliable like this. At least one Chocolatey package that I use is, always, stuck on an old version or somehow broken.

This Package is maintained also by adam.ierymenko - a staff-member of zerotier.

Could someone of Zerotier please have a look at this issue?

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