[Installation] Windows Server 2012 R2

Hey all,
Started messing with ZT to install on a few test machines and so far so good. However,
I now ran into a road block. I am trying to get ZT installed on to Windows Server 2012 R2. I am accessing this server via RDP and I tried installing using the following PowerShell command found here but it didn’t work. So I installed it by running the installer as one normally does and it on the machine. The problem is when I joined my network I never got the prompt allow the new interface and my network does not appear in the ZT dashboard. Any ideas as to how I can remedy this?

Hi there,

As noted on our download page, Windows Server 2012 will not run anything later than the 1.6.6 release of ZeroTeir.

I feel like a fool for not reading the that under the windows installer.
I do apologize for that.
I have now installed V. 1.6.6 and I dies now display my network. However, I cannot connect to the server. The assigned IP is not pinging.

Windows Firewall normally disables ICMP replies by default. You’ll have to enable that on in the firewall settings for the zerotier adapter.

Having trouble finding that.
I see the following with ZT
ZeroTier One
ZeroTier One x64 Binary
ZeroTier One TCP/xxxx
ZeroTier One UDP/xxxx
All are Enabled.

Should I create a new rule as ICMP?

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