Installed 1.10.3 a few days ago & things were working well, updating to 1.10.4 broke the network

I’m new to ZeroTier One and installed it a few days ago, configuring my home server (Ubuntu 22.04) as a controller, and added a few peers. Everything was working well in that time until yesterday when I saw there was an update to 1.10.4 so I upgraded.

Now If I run “zerotier-cli peers” it shows my machines online with the 1.10.4 version, lastTx/lastRx are updating too, but that’s all that’s happening. I can’t ping or make a connection at all.

I unblocked 9993 in my controller’s firewall, but I don’t think that was the issue anyway because it was working before on 1.10.3. I disabled the firewall on my main workstation and a few of the other peers for testing without any luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks for writing. What operating system is it?

The controller is running Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy), my main workstation Linux Mint 21 (jammy), and two other peers running OctoPi 0.18.0 (Based on Debian 10 “buster”).

I’ve tried connections to/from all of them without any success.

That’s very strange. There wasn’t much changed for linux in 1.10.4. Will try to reproduce.

You can downgrade with apt install zerotier-one=1.10.3

I’m still not sure why zerotier-one stopped working altogether because ztncui was having a permissions problem, but it is resolved now.

If anyone else is having this issue while running ztncui, there is a solution here:

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