Installed zerotier in Ubuntu 20.04 but dashboard online does not assing and IP address

I have laptop running Ubuntu 20.04 and ran the download secured with gpg. I got a 10 character address as a result. I check the dashboard for my account but it is not showing up. I added it manually and it still will not assign an IP address to it. Windows 10 boxes are added just fine. Anyone encountered this? any solution? or is it an ongoing problem yet to be resolved?

Thank you in advance.

Ok, after some searching I solved it. I failed to realize it is slightly different than windows. For the client to join the network you must run the following command:

sudo zerotier-cli join xxxxxxxxxx

Of course you need su password and where xxxxxxxxx is your network ID. I did that then checked the cossole/portal online and a few seconds later it showed my laptop on line.
Hope this helps.

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