Installed zerotier on rpi but cannot connect

I just installed zerotier on rpi. I cannot connect with the ip listed in zerotier.
Please advice. I have a ZTE 4g dongle on my Raspberry pi.


possibly your carrier is blocking udp ports

how do I check if my udp ports are getting blocked.


this is a pretty good start Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

Where do I find the zerotier IP that I can connect to. I see the 4G dongle in the IFCONFIG.
And what all should I be seeing in the RPI to make my ssh connection from my laptop over the 4G dongle in RPI.

Also in the sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks
I see the IP address at end empty.
Where do I see the ZT ip ?

Perhaps paste the full output of zerotier-cli listnetworks so we can help you better?

Here is the output

200 listnetworks
200 listnetworks 12ac4a1e71c7bdb5 clever_brattain b6:97:2e:1c:96:0d ACCESS_DENIED PRIVATE ztbtoy3i6e -

You haven’t authorized the member on the network configuration page on Hence the big ACCESS_DENIED. IP addresses aren’t assigned until the member is authorized

I did check the auth check box …is there another way to authorize?

What’s the output of zerotier-cli info on that machine?

You also appear to have deleted the LAN route on your zerotier network. You may wish to start over from scratch on a new network here.

ok.can you advice a instruction link I should follow to start again?
there are so many of them.

create a new zerotier network and join it from your machines

DO I setup a bridge too to connect to my pi?

I recommend you just start simple & join things to the network and get them talking to each other first. Then build on top of that.

Once you have that working, there’s a guide to bridging with a raspberry pi here:

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