Installing on QNAP QGD-3014-16PT

Hi, does anyone have any pointers on installing Zerotier on a QNAP NAS, in my instance I have a fully up to date QDG-3014-16PT using a quad core celron CPU. I have found the “guide” for QNAP here, However it doesn’t help much. I understand I need the X86 package but I am not sure which one from the list. Even once I get the package I am not sure what the next steps should be. I already have wireguard working using QVPN but I am not sure how to integrate tailscale.

Any help or pointers would be great.

I think only one of those would make sense for your architecture but we haven’t tested the model you cite. Try the x86 64-bit package:

Many thanks for the pointer. However, I am genuinely clueless on how to implement it with the NAS. I can ssh on no problem, but don’t get how to install it or it’s link to QVPN?

It’s a Q package. So in the GUI of your QNAP go to the app center page. On the top right corner to the left of the settings gear you will see a plus sing in a circle in front of some square looking icon. This will allow you to select the above package were you downloaded it and install it.
Once its installed it you can follow instructions with the ssh to cli for ZeroTier to turn it on and configure it.

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