Installing Zerotier on QNAP QTS 5.1

Installing Zerotier 1.12 from the MyQnap repository installed in all of the correct places, however running zerotier-cli will not execute.
When executing zerotier-one info it returns an error:

zerotier-one: fatal error: cannot bind to the local interface port 9993
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_cast’
what(): std::bad_cast

The zerotier-one does not appear in the list of services that can be enabled in the qnap listing.
Other than down grading to QTS 5.0, is there a solution to make the service appear in QNAP or complete the port 9993 bind successfully?

a ‘netstat -na’ does show that the port is listening on tcp and shows udp on my outgoing IP address:9993.

The bind just doesn’t take…

Any thoughts to solve this?

Zerotier-one just can’t bind to it…