Installing ZeroTier On QNAP TS-431

I’m trying to install ZeroTier on a QNAP TS431. Firmware is TS431 does not support either Container Manager or Docker. When I do a command line inquiry I get responses indicating that ZeroTier is online and is working. But I can’t ping to the NAS using any of the ZeroTier addresses that were created. I also can’t ping from the NAS to any of the other devices on the ZeroTier network. I can ping my Windows computer from the command line and to locations like I have restarted the NAS but that didn’t help. I’ve turned network access off and on in ZeroTier Central. Nothing helps. QNAP Tech Support said that the TS431 does not have a firewall that I can adjust. Problem is not with my router as other devices using the same router (like my Windows computer) work just fine. So I have to think the problem is with the TS431. Any help would be greatly appreciated.