Inter network routing

I’d like to be able to route between zerotier networks. I end up with single devices being in multiple networks to share resources, especially my own devices for admin purposes but also other devices.

What I’m doing now is I have a ‘service’ network and I have a server that is joined to every network. I enable routing and then add specific routes in zero tier for these other networks. That makes this box a bottleneck that I don’t want but it does allow me to get data between networks without having to have a whole bunch of devices double or triple joined.

What you’re asking isn’t really possible in ZeroTier. First because of how the encryption & authorization works. Second… Well let’s forget ZeroTier for a moment and think in terms of physical networks. Given a similar setup of moving traffic to multiple physical networks. In that case, you’re going to need a router. Same story with ZeroTier. ZeroTier just makes up the virtual wires & virtual network switch. If you want to do routing, you’re still going to need a router, just like a physical network.