Intermittent dropped connection on macOS Big Sur with silicon

Every 20 minutes or so, my MacBook Pro M1 (Silicon) drops all ZeroTier connections for approx. one minute.

All non-ZeroTier network traffic continues to flow, and no other devices on my network are losing any connection.

Any ideas?

Hi, thanks for writing.
Can you run zerotier-cli dump when you catch it happening?

Do you happen to have another zerotier device on the same physical LAN? Does a connection to that device go out?

Thanks @zt-travis !

When this outage happens, non-ZeroTier traffic to other LAN devices works, but ZeroTier traffic to LAN devices does not.

Is it safe to share the dump output here?

I’m having the same issue on macOS Big Sur (Intel Mac). Dropped connection every 20 min. (I also have an M1 MacBook Air that’s been on and off the network, but I haven’t tried connecting for more than 20 minutes yet - I can try that later).

I did a dump as well - what can I look for in the dump that would shed light on what’s happening?

I’m connecting to a Windows PC via Microsoft RDC. I don’t know if it means anything, but when I try to do the same dump command on the Windows PC, it indicates:
“missing authentication token and authtoken.secret not found (or readable) in C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One”

One other thing is that I’m trying to switch from Hamachi - i.e. Hamachi was previously installed on Mac, and is still currently installed on Windows PC (though I exited it), so is it possible it’s messed with some settings?

You need to execute the dump command from an elevated command prompt in Windows. (Run as administrator)

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@zt-travis can you message me so that I can reply with these dump files? Thanks!

Thanks Gara.

My M1 MBA appears to stay connected to same Windows computer. My Intel Mac Pro drops connection every 20m.

@zt-travis I’m still experiencing this problem, I do have a bunch of dump files saved but looking for best way to get them to you. Thanks!

@boozedog - what are you using to monitor the connection and generate that graph? I’d like to try same on my Mini M1…

@occamsrazor I’m using PingPlotter.

Have seen same results with plain old ping as well as gping.

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