Internet Keeps Dropping

I created a new zerotier network and connected 4 devices across 3 networks, all now in the same zt. The one network containing 2 zt clients keeps dropping internet every minute or so.

This has been going on for several hours. I have de-authed the 2 zt clients but it is still happening. Its also affecting all other users on that network that do not have zt installed.

The other 2 zt clients that are on different networks appear fine. So, its definitely something with the setup at this one location. I am just not sure where to start on getting it resolved.

Any ideas on how to find out what’s going on?

Had you changed any ZeroTier network settings from their defaults? Which ones?

I was running the default rule set when this issue started. I did try working with a different rule set briefly but have since reloaded the defaults back again.

I am no longer able to communicate with the network remotely. I am heading into the office now to work on this more.

I am not sure what ended up causing the actual issue. However, after completely rebooting all devices on the network everything is working as expected now.

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