iOS app drops leading 0's in network IDs


I’m trying to put a new pi 3b+ into my zt network.

I installed 1.8.3 and the service is running. When I sudo zerotier-cli join 12345dhhsg using obviously my real network id, it just complains that the network id is invalid and wont join. I have re-typed it 100 times and checked and rechecked and rechecked for typos, there are no typos it is just straight up refusing to accept my network id saying it is invalid.

What gives???

edit I guess I should importantly mention I am running a freshly installed Raspbian OS 32 bit latest version. And I installed by using the first curl command on the ZeroTier download page in the linux section.

I found the issue, I was reading the network ID out of the iOS app on my phone. It seems that ZeroTier on iOS is dropping the leading 0 on my network ID. When I jumped on my macbook and ssh in to the pi to try, I noticed that on my mac the network ID is reported as having a leading 0.

Why is the iOS app dropping leading 0 from the network ID???

That’s a bug. Will fix someday. Sorry for the trouble!

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