iOS/iPadOS only get one IP although i put several segmentations from zerotier web


I currently manage several terminals for my clients and use a free account that allows me to manage 50 terminals, although when I reach the number of terminals I plan to acquire a payment account but for now I do not see the need, so each client has different terminals , that is, a client can have 5 terminals or 3 and it occurred to me to create different routers in the same network, to have control per client from the same network and that they do not communicate with each other, that is, I assigned Juan to the client who has 3 terminals to a router from to 3 and to Pedro on with 5 terminals to 5 and from my workstation under windows I assigned from the zerotier web the ip that I was going to handle and did the same from my ipad / iphone but after an update of the zerotier app it no longer works for me on the ipad and the iphone even though I assign several ip’s from the zerotier website, it only assigns the first one so I don’t have access to any of the other ip’s.

someone with a solution or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you.

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