IP Address Country origin


I’m using Zerotier for remote access a computer installed remotely, running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.

The location where this computer is installed has restricted access from firewall. One of the restriction is that the IP address must come from United States.

The fireway is detecting that the IP address used for serving Zerotier comes from Singapore. So every time the firewall detects the communication, it is dropped. Then, the local client tries to connect again and so on … the system is unstable.

Is there any way to set Zerotier to provide the service from United States?

Sorry if this question was placed before. As I am new on using this kind of service, I don’t know how to properly address the question.

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The address in Singapore is one of ZeroTier’s root servers. Root servers are how nodes find each other and are a core part of how ZeroTier works. As such, no it is not possible to do what you’re asking.

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