Ip routing questions from a noob

Hi, i’m using zero tier as a “site to site vpn” to access local ips (Location A) from my server (routing using a zerotier device in the same network) and it’s been working great.

I want to acces local ips on another location but i don’t know if there would be any conflicts (i would route of location B to zerotier using the same method of location A). The problem is if two devices have the same ip what would happen if i ping the ip from the server?

For example both location have a device using is there a way to ping the one in location A and not the one in location B?

If they have different ips for example is a device in A but is not assigned in B would it just ping the one in A?

Is there a way to assign them “custom static ips” so that i can just ping that ip knowing that it will always be the same device on the same network?

I’m quite new at this so this stuff is a bit confusing to me

Hi @mattestanka
They already replied to you on Reddit. So I’ll just copy the same answer:

The best solution is to re-address one of the locations to a new subnet. That will allow you to use traditional IP routing without needing to resort to NAT

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