iPad does not show up in client list, iPhone does

New here. Just installed ZeroTier on my unraid server(docker) and on my iPhone and iPad both version 14.6

The unraid server and the iPhone showed up in the network at my.ZeroTier.com
But the iPad does not even after reinstalls and reboots

Please help

Sorry you’re having trouble. I assume the iPad is on the same wifi as the iphone and unraid? It should just work. After you tell the ipad to join, and press on the network ID, it should open a details screen. What does that say after a minute or two?

Tried it again now I’m on my home network and got the iPad working now. Probably the other WiFi I tried before was dodgy, was on the road, OTR driver, the iPhone worked then but not the iPad and both were on the same network.

But thanks for your reply, now I can start learning ZeroTier config.

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