iPhone address changes when phone reboots

my iphone is running Ver 1.12.0, all works fine after authorized. after iphone reboots (for any reason such as updates), the ZT address changes, waiting for re-authorization. when i authorize again, all is fine.

what can i do to prevent the ZT address changing so often?


Could you describe anything about your iPhone that is not “stock”? For example, I’m wondering if it is a company iPhone, maybe with different work “profiles”? Or is there anything non-default about network settings? Stuff like that.

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Hi, thanks for helping. Nope, there’s nothing that I’m aware of that’s different about my iPhone. Completely stock, all updates current. Just a personal iPhone, personal apps. ZT version 1.12.0

Just yesterday the ZT address changed again?

Is there some setup feature on my console that i should be setting differently?


ZT is still changing address for my iPhone without reason. It’s difficult to figure out what triggers this change, but it sure is annoying. Perhaps it is setting a new address after my phone signs into a different wifi system if i relocate to a friends home?

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