iPhone App - disappointing?


Just getting stated with ZT. First network configured. 3 devices configured and visible to each other (only tested ping and ssh so far, but all appear perfect). One is a Win 10 laptop, the other two are Raspberry Pi Model Bs running Ras PI OS (Buster).

My iPhone is an iPhone X (256GB) running iOS 14.4. I have loaded Version 1.6.2 from the app from the (UK) App Store and entered my network number. With no other changes to the app it connects and is visible on ZT Central. Strangely it shows as Version 1.6.1 on ZT Central. No idea if that is significant?

Unfortunately I am unable to ping to or from the iPhone from any other device on my ZT network, although it pings perfectly to and from the other devices on my LAN using its WLAN IP address.

So iPhone connection without functionality is no good. Am I missing something?.

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Having the same issue here on iPad Pro, actually this is my first installation of ZT on iOS, but its working seamlessly on windows computers, RDP/ping and pretty much everything just like a local network, except for iPad, it doesn’t seem to connect, VPN connects but no vpn logo in the clock bar and can’t ping or make RDP to other computers.

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