iPhone has lost ZT connectivity

ZT is working fabulously on all my Windows PC but I’ve lost the ability to connect to my ZT network from my iPhone 12. It seems to have happened around a recent iPhone firmware update or even a Windows update.

My ZT admin page shows my iPhone is ONLINE but it shows version 1.8.10. I’m assuming that may be the current version for IOS at the moment?

Any ideas about how to get my iPhone communicating with the devices on my ZT network? I can ping all devices on my ZT network except the iPhone. I also have one user who is on an ISP via cellular carrier’s Wifi who is experiencing the same issue so maybe this is a recent blockage/filter/safety feature put into place by cellphone companies? Just guessing… I used NGROK tunneling in the past (prior to finding ZT) to burrow through my ATT system and it feels like I may need to try that again for my iPhone.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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