IPv6 Gotten But Couldn't Be Used

I would like to know that I have got IPv6 Addresses,but the IPv4 Address I have got cannot be accesses.Now I want to use IPv6 to connect zerotier,but the adminpage list that the phsical IP is IPv4,not IPv6.Could anyone told me that why did this happen?Thanks very much!

“Physical Address” is the IP address your machine is using to contact the network controller. It can be either IPv4 or IPv6. ZeroTier itself decides whether to use IPv4 or IPv6 to communicate with the controller and other nodes based on a set of heuristics.

To communicate over the ZeroTier network, you use the address(es) in the “Managed IP” column. You can use either the IPv4 or IPv6 address listed here. You can use either. Whether the underlying ZeroTier connection is communicating via IPv4 or IPv6 has no effect on which address you use to talk to the machine over the ZeroTier network

I understand!Thanks very much!

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